Nick Panaritis of Nick’s Garage YouTube Channel Returning to Motorama

Nick Panaritis, the host of YouTube series Nick’s Garage, will appear with a collection of cars for the second straight year at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. The show will take place March 10, 11 & 12 at The International Centre, across from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Panaritis grew up around muscle cars, sparking a life-long love of these vehicles. He started off by working on his own cars, before a few of his friends prompted him to take that passion to the next level, when they purchased old cars that needed repair.

“When they saw me driving my cars that looked practically new and very clean, they wanted to do the same,” said Panaritis. “When you have one after another, non-stop, from one friend to another, then you turn it into a business.”

That passion was elevated again when Panaritis had a chance encounter with George Clarke, a television editor who worked near Nick’s old shop in Montreal. As the pair got acquainted, Clarke saw what he thought could be show worthy.

“Any stranger walking by his shop, he’ll grab them by the arm and pull them in and show them what he’s doing,” said Clarke. “In my experience with mechanics, they’re often quite secretive and don’t want you in their shop. But Nick is the opposite, he’s a born teacher and communicator, he wants to share what he’s doing.”

Ultimately, the pair created a YouTube channel, Nick’s Garage, which quickly grew in popularity. Clarke says they connected with a like-minded community of muscle car fanatics, right from the start, and that people from all over the world started to get in touch, allowing the series to snowball over the last six years.

While YouTube provides an interactive element that TV doesn’t, both mediums are still lacking one thing – the in-person element that shows like Motorama provide.

“From the second Nick stepped foot on the show floor (at Motorama 2022), there was just an endless supply of people smiling and welcoming him and walking up and putting their hands out,” said Clarke. “There were times when Nick was needed for the Builders Panel or to help with some awards but there were still people crowded around his car who wanted to shake his hand and meet him. It was just overwhelming; it was so positive.”

Panaritis is looking forward to that in-person element once again this year. He says that cars bring friendship and that the show is all about meeting people, having a coffee with them, and talking about cars.

He’s also looking forward to showcasing the highlight of his personal car collection, the ‘Kowalski’ Challenger. The 1970 Dodge Challenger is a tribute to the car from the 1971 movie Vanishing Point.

“My favourite vehicle is always going to be the Kowalski Challenger, that I personally built, and I also like to show it off and take it around to all the car shows I go to,” said Panaritis. “A lot of people ask to take pictures with it, sit in the car, take a few photos and videos, and of course I like to show it off.”

The Nick’s Garage booth will also feature a 528-cubic inch Hemi engine, which will include an engine transmission and rear axle. With essentially a full drivetrain on display, showgoers will be able to get up close and see the detail that Panaritis is known for.

The Hemi was recently featured on the Nick’s Garage YouTube channel. Panaritis is planning to do a live stream on the channel, from his display, on Friday, March 10.

“Last year, we were blown away by the amazing vehicles that Nick Panaritis brought to Motorama,” said the show’s Greg MacPherson. “It was an incredible display and he was constantly busy meeting showgoers and talking about the cars. We’re excited that he’s coming back and we’re looking forward to seeing what he brings to this year’s show.”

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ABOUT NICK’S GARAGE: Living by the motto, “Good enough, is not good enough”, Nick Panaritis has grown his Indy Auto garage in Laval, QC (it was originally founded in Montreal) into an entertaining and informative YouTube channel, with attention focused on makes and models from the Muscle Car era. From engine builder to auto restorer, Panaritis has built a legion of loyal followers on YouTube by offering insights and suggestions to fellow mechanics and hobbyists. To check out some of his projects and to watch his ‘Friday Night Live at Nick’s Garage’ show, go to the Nick’s Garage YouTube channel: