The Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors is pleased to announce that Purple Skull Brewing Company is the Official Beer of Motorama 2023. The show takes place March 10, 11 & 12 at The International Centre, across from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Purple Skull Brewing Company will have an action-packed booth at the show, near the Hall 2 Food & Beverage area, the details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Shawn LePage, who co-founded the company with his daughter, Billie-Jo, has been a motorhead his entire life and is excited to have Purple Skull become the Official Beer of Motorama 2023. The three-day event is Canada’s largest indoor automotive and racing show, so it’s a natural fit for the Purple Skull brand, which is already associated with Canadian Superbike Championship frontrunner Alex Dumas and the 300 mph, 18,000 horsepower Bone Shaker Jet Truck, driven by Rick Kopp.

LePage and his daughter got off to an unconventional start when they launched Purple Skull in 2015. They worked backwards, building a compelling skull character as their brand before developing the beer recipe, where they focused on a unique ingredient as their staple – purple corn.

The organic purple corn, imported from Peru, is rich in antioxidants. The ingredient is expensive, so it’s not widely used in the industry. The concepts of a flashy, bright can and a beer with antioxidants were also largely unheard of when they started – but these factors didn’t stop the company from pushing forward.

“We worked diligently with our highly experienced brew master, and the result was fantastic,” said LePage. “The antioxidant levels in the purple corn are really high, as are the anthocyanins, which have several positive health benefits. Having a beer with functional ingredients; that’s what we wanted!”

Purple Skull uses injected nitrogen to ensure freshness in its cans. The company spent the past few years dialing-in the product and the result is a beer that has a different taste and feel from traditional brews.

“There’s a little bit of sweetness from the corn, and we upped the carbonation. It’s just a fantastic, smooth and ‘crushable,’ easy drinking beer. And the hops we use to finish it off are just smooth,” said LePage. “We didn’t want it to be heavy, which is what many people think of with craft beer. We wanted something with a little more carbonation, that’s easy to drink.”

Purple Skull can currently be purchased at 26 Beer Store locations and at select LCBO’s and grocery stores. For more information, visit Purple Skull on the web here.

ABOUT THE MOTORAMA CUSTOM CAR & MOTORSPORTS EXPO: The eighth annual eBay Motors Presents Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo takes place March 10, 11 & 12, 2023 at The International Centre, across from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. The show features more than 330,000 square feet of custom cars, hot rods, racing vehicles of all kinds, trucks, tuners, displays and exhibitors. Motorama is Canada’s biggest late-winter celebration of automobiles and motorsports. For information about the show, including tickets, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, and more, call (416) 962-7223, email info@MotoramaShow.com or visit www.MotoramaShow.com.