A strong supporter of the eBay Motors Motorama show since Kevin Besta took over the company, in 2015, Stoneridge Specialty Insurance will be back at the 2023 show, once again prominently participating in the Inside Track Motorsport News Racing Zone Presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance. The Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo takes place March 10, 11 & 12, 2023 at Toronto’s International Centre.

Located in Hall 1B, the Racing Zone will be the epicenter of motorsports activity throughout the three-days of the show. As always, the Racing Zone will be made up of racing series, tracks, equipment and collectible vendors, and a large collection of racing vehicles, in the Racers’ Corral. Short tracks (asphalt and dirt), drag cars, road racing cars, karts and other vehicles have already started to register.

In all, upwards of 75 racing vehicles – representing virtually every racing discipline in Ontario – will be on display and available for racing fans to view, up close, just weeks before the start of the 2023 racing season.

Sharing floorspace with the race cars will be many of the province’s tracks, clubs and racing series. And this is where the connection to Stoneridge Specialty Insurance becomes evident.

At Motorama, we get to see all the people we haven’t seen all winter, including people involved with the tracks and clubs, as well as the individuals who deal with us,” said Stoneridge’s Kevin Besta. “It’s an opportunity to reconnect and start the year off on a great footing. And we’re always looking to develop some new relationships and Motorama is a great place to do that, too.”

His son and co-worker, Kory Besta added, “We started with Stoneridge Specialty Insurance the same year that Motorama first took place, in 2015, which is easy to remember, and we always think that’s neat that we have that in common with the show.”

Discussing Stoneridge and the products and services it offers to the community, Kevin Best continued, “Insurance isn’t that complicated. We’re there to protect our clients from the lawsuits that continue to come. This year, we plan to talk with people a lot about electronic waivers, which the majority of our clients have fully endorsed. And we continue to encourage those who haven’t yet done so, to transition to the new system.

“It’s a valuable tool for our clients. It’s more efficient, saves paperwork, protects them better when something happens down the road. The electronic waiver system is one of the best innovations our industry has seen in years, so anything we can do to encourage it to expand is worthwhile.”

Adding an important detail from their clients’ perspective, Kory said, “It’s a great value-added service, considering it comes at no additional cost to our clients.”

Like many businesses in the racing industry, insurance companies were hit hard when most facilities sat silent during the pandemic. Kevin Besta is pleased to report that track activities came back strong last season.

“We had a good year last year. People came back and motorsports seem to be growing again. The number of facilities isn’t growing, but the number of people who are using the facilities is growing. It’s a low-cost point of entry to participate in track days or driving schools. There are people on racetracks involved in competition and others have having experiences and having fun. During the last ten years, we’ve seen participation trending towards fun experiences more than competition.”

Stoneridge Specialty Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products specifically designed to protect anyone and everything associated with motorsports. To find out more about what they offer, be sure to visit them at their booth in the Inside Track Racing Zone Presented by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance. It’s located across from the Stoneridge Stage, in Hall 1B. Or visit them on the web at

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