New Truck-O-Rama feature to debut at Motorama

When you consider that the top three best-selling vehicles in North America are pickup trucks, it’s not a surprise that it’s a growing trend that many of them end up as highly modified show and street projects.

This trend has led to the creation of Truck-O-Rama, the newest feature attraction at the Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo. The 6th annual edition runs March 13, 14 & 15 at Toronto’s International Centre.

Said Roger Lachance, the owner of sponsor and award presenter Auto FX Rims Tires & Performance, “Motorama has been showcasing the highest quality cars for years, and we knew that it would be the place to showcase the highest quality trucks, as well. We knew that Truck-O-Rama was the right place to focus our energy.”

Over two dozen trucks of all configurations and sizes will be featured in Hall 2, each entry vying for not only Motorama awards, but also presentation and workmanship awards courtesy of Hamilton, Ontario’s Auto FX.

“The judges will be looking for originality and craftsmanship, as well as design and balance of appearance,” continued Lachance. “Things like colour combinations and flow. Just bolting on a bunch of shiny pieces won’t cut it. We want guys to be building quality vehicles to match the trends of the hobby.”

In this inaugural year of Truck-O-Rama, Auto FX will be bringing a total of five vehicles to Motorama, all of them daily drivers “showcasing some of the projects we get through our doors.”

Noted Lachance, “These will be everyday vehicles that our customers have loaned us for the show. The most outrageous one we’ll showcase is a 2020 Ram 3500 Mega Cab. That one has the biggest wheels that we could install on a dually; 28 inches. The wheels alone cost almost $20,000. Another truck we’ll have on the floor is a custom-built Tow Truck, a real working vehicle.”

Added show car coordinator Gary Challice, “Although customized trucks will be featured throughout Motorama, we’re trying to encompass a wide variety of them in the Truck-O-Rama display.

“I think the oldest truck in the display is a 1929, and then we’ll carry right on to the latest makes and models. We’ve got an S10 Slammer, an ultimate lowrider, right up to a Monster Truck and everything in between. We’re making this year’s display an indication of things to come in the future for Truck-O-Rama.”

Alongside the examples of finished projects, Truck-O-Rama will share floor space with a line up of associated vendors with product lines ranging from wheels and tires, lift and lowering kits, performance parts, aftermarket audio/video systems, and related 4×4 accessories.

“What we’re really excited about is a giveaway we’re putting together with the No Club Car Club,” continued Lachance. “At various times during Motorama, people will have a chance to win a key to unlock a trunk that will be at the No Club season closer at St. Thomas Dragway in September. The grand prize winner will win a truck build with help from Auto FX and our associate suppliers.”

Lachance concluded, “Looking forward, we plan to stay involved and help promote the Truck-O-Rama feature until it is the biggest and most exciting part of Motorama!”

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