For the past 15 years, ‘Filthy Rich’ Bosch has been “building, swapping, and repairing anything with a throttle’ in his 3,200 square foot facility in Canfield, Ontario. But it has been his popular DeBoss Garage YouTube Channel that has pushed Bosch’s achievements and exposure to new levels, his interactive instructional videos allowing fellow gear heads to complete their own projects while avoiding many of the pitfalls that might await the amateur mechanic.

With over 600,000 YouTube subscribers to the DeBoss Garage site, Bosch’s popularity has made him an ideal choice to be featured in the RAMS of Ontario Truck-O-Rama area, in the southwest corner of Hall 2, at the 7th annual Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo presented by eBay Motors. The show runs April 29, 30 & May 1 at Toronto’s International Centre, across from Pearson Airport.

As the frontmen for the Deboss Garage display, Bosch and his videographer partner Aaron Porteous will share a trio of their more radical builds with Motorama visitors. One will be Bosch’s personal ‘grocery getter,’ the F-Tree Kitty, a 1993 King Ranch Super Duty F350 that DeBoss Garage modified to better suit his everyday needs.

“This car was very, very ‘cherry’ when we bought it, but it had a 460 big block in it and the gas costs nearly killed us when we drove it back from California,” explained Bosch. “When we got it home, we wedged a 3126B Caterpillar diesel in it, mating that to an Allison 2000 transmission.”

The F-Tree Kitty project was what truly kick-started the DeBoss Garage legacy, as word got around that Bosch was the go-to guy for diesel swaps.

And what had started life as a 1964 C10 pickup truck was another project that Bosch radicalized. Shortening a Freightliner bus frame and mounting the truck body – along with a tow rig courtesy of Tewsley Auto Wreckers, on that base – Bosch completed the project by installing a twin-turbo, NOS-injected Duramax diesel powerplant under the hood.

“At Motorama, we will put the finishing touch on the build. The tow unit was from the original Tewsley tow truck; the one the business began with,” said Bosch. “Mr. Tewsley recently passed away, so we will have his grandson at the show and he’ll see us paint the Tewsley Auto Wreckers name on the doors, as a tribute.”

As a featured builder in the Truck-O-Rama area, the Deboss guys are intent on making a huge, attention-grabbing impact. And that calls for the jaw dropping Shermanator to be onsite.

Originally built as a part of the ‘Swords to Ploughshares’ movement in the late 1940s, this literal Frankenstein creation was assembled from parts salvaged from Sherman M4A2 tank parts. Used as a ‘bush buggy,’ hauling logs through the forests of British Columbia – and then as a farming ‘muck dragger’ in Ontario – the cab operator’s area was a 1980 GMC Sierra Grande pickup firmly mounted to the Madill Swing Yarder base.

“This thing sat in a swamp for about ten years before we found it. But when we went to get it, it fired right up and drove away,” continued Bosch. “It was very underpowered, so naturally, we went to work and installed a 6V71 Detroit Diesel in it. The original tranny was only a two-speed and was really, really slow. So, we searched around and found a 30-speed, semi-automatic transmission that would work. We installed new brakes, a new hydraulic winch and upgraded the controls… and the Shermanator was born.”

ABOUT DeBOSS GARAGE: From American Muscle to Classics to Diesels, DeBoss Garage demonstrates to their YouTube viewers how to build, swap, and repair all kinds of vehicles. DeBoss Garage offer their members monthly giveaways, a gearhead community of 6000+ interactive members to help with vehicle troubleshooting or project support, 1-on-1 chats with Rich Bosch, as well as access to discount codes from our preferred automotive brands. Based in Haldimand County, south of Hamilton, ON, DeBoss Garage is not open to the public, but fans can follow their exploits by visiting their YouTube site, or by going to their website,

ABOUT THE MOTORAMA CUSTOM CAR & MOTORSPORTS EXPO: The seventh annual Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo Presented by eBay Motors takes place April 29, 30 & May 1, 2022 at The International Centre, across from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. The show features more than 300,000 square feet of custom cars, hot rods, racing vehicles of all kinds, tuners, displays and exhibitors. Motorama is Canada’s biggest late-winter celebration of automobiles and motorsports. For information about the show, including tickets, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, and more, call (416) 962-7223, email or visit